The Dangers of Bleached Tea Bags

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Imagine yourself making a cup of tea with the intention of enjoying the health benefits that many teas are known to have. However few realize that some of these healthy herbal remedies may in fact be injecting your body with harmful chemicals which can lead to serious illnesses and cancers. This can happen if the tea you drink has come packaged in tea bags that have been which have been bleached and sealed in other chemicals that many producers are known to use simply for aesthetic reasons.

How Are Tea Bags Made?

In the beginning when teabags were first made, they were made from silk or muslin and hand sewn together. Today, most tea bags are manufactured using paper that is made from wood and vegetable fibers. Most of the time, this paper is bleached with chlorine so that the appearance of the tea bag can have a better appeal to the public. The tea is sealed inside using a thermoplastic material and the teabag is coated in epichlorohydrin to strengthen the paper’s resistance to water.

Dioxin & Epichlorohydrin

What many people do not realize is that the chemicals from the epichlorohydrin can leave residue in the water of the tea which ends up entering the body’s system when it is drank. When epichlorohydrin makes contact with water it holds carcinogenic effects which can increase the risk of cancer developing in the body.

Dioxin, another main chemical concern of bleached tea bags, also has a highly carcinogenic effect on the body. Once dioxin enters the body, it can linger for 7 to 11 years after being absorbed by our fat cells. When dioxin builds up in the body it causes behavioral and developmental disorders. It can also have an effect on women that are pregnant by causing harm to the development of the fetus. This can put the pregnancy at risk for miscarriage or other dangerous complications.

Alternatives to Bleached Tea Bags

Although this may be a problem for avid tea drinkers, luckily there are some producers that offer alternatives to bleached tea bags. Many merchants will offer their product in healthier natural unbleached tea bags which allow the consumer to continue to partake in the convenience of tea bags without the added risk of chemical residues. In order to be certain that you are not putting your health at risk, look for unbleached and dioxin free labels on tea bags that you purchase. This way you can ensure that you are enjoying your tea without sacrificing your health in the future.

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