Pau D’Arco Tea: A Cure For Cancer?

BuddhaTea Pau d'Arco Tea for Cancer

One of the most highly sought after cure in our world today is the cure for cancer. There have been many claims of various ways that cancer can be cured, though the majority of these are still left unproven scientifically which makes it hard to determine which information is false and which is true. Despite this, there are many remedies that have been proven to at least reduce the risks of cancer and luckily, most of these are healthy herbal choices that are fairly accessible to the majority of the public. One such remedy that has shown to hold a change on the effects of cancer is Pau D’arco tea.

Overview of Cancer

There are many different types of cancers that can affect the body, though they all can hold a heavy outcome on the lives of those afflicted. When someone is diagnosed with cancer it is usually as a result of cells in the body that are multiplying too quickly or cells that are not dying out properly as they would normally. Potentially there are also other causes of cancer though many of these still require more research or are yet to be known. Since it is exceedingly difficult to pinpoint the causes of many cancers, it makes it equally as difficult to locate a definite cure.

Pau D’Arco for Cancer

Many people have sought out Pau d’Arco tea for its medicinal uses. There are many claims that Pau d’Arco can have a positive effect on easing cancer and this is due to some of the active components that are found in it. Naphthaquinones is one such ingredient that is typically known for its anti-fungal properties, however some studies have shown that it also has a potential to be used for possible anti-cancer properties as well. However, the price that this comes at is that it has to be taken it at high toxic doses and this is why it has not been pursued as a cure for cancer.  For this reason, it is recommended to not use Pau d’Arco as an alternative treatment for cancer. It is strongly advised that for those that are suffering from cancer it is best to consult a physician for a proper diagnosis and treatment. This tea is also not recommended for those that are pregnant or on medications.

However when taken in small doses, Pau d’Arco can have many other potential benefits against cancer. Although it cannot completely cure cancer, drinking it sparingly can inhibit and slow cancer growth. Pau d’Arco can also stop fungal growths in the body and the antioxidants that it offers are also beneficial in cleansing the body as well.

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