Benefits for Healing and Cleansing the Body

BuddhaTea Pau d'Arco Tea Health Benefits

Although there are a vast number of herbal remedies that have been used for centuries, there are still some that many people are still unaware of despite their long history of use. Pau d’arco tea is one of many on the list of medicinal teas that are oftentimes overlooked.

Surprisingly, this tea offers a great number of benefits which have a potential of alleviating many different parts of the body. Regardless, there are still many people who are unaware of the great health benefits that this wonderful tea can offer.

Cleansing Benefits

One of the most prominent benefits that this herbal tea has to offer is its ability to help cleanse the body. Drinking pau d’arco tea can help fight off bacterial and viral infections in the body. This is made possible by compounds known as lapachol and beta-lapachone which are found in this particular brew of tea. These compounds have antiviral and antibacterial effects on the body, which can stave off certain bacterial and viral infections. Furthermore, pau d’arco tea can even alleviate the body of certain parasites which make these cleansing properties even more valuable.


This particular herbal tea has shown promise in assisting those that suffer from diabetes as well. Drinking pau d’arco helps by inhibiting the absorption of glucose in the intestine, which can in turn help lower blood sugar levels. It is advised to contact a physician prior to using pau d’arco tea for diabetes in order to ensure that it will not have any adverse effects with currently prescribed medications.


Pau d’arco tea has shown promise of offering healing properties for certain cancers. Although further research is needed to confirm the details of how this tea works on healing cancer patients, current laboratory studies have shown positive effects.  This may be due to the effects of constituents found in pau d’arco such as lapachol as well as other compounds which actively work to inhibit the growth of certain cancer cells.

External Uses

This tea is great for its many internal benefits but it can also be used externally as well. Cooled pau d’arco tea can be applied externally to reduce pain and inflammation. The topical use of this tea is also good for treating several skin diseases such as eczema, fungal infections, and hemorrhoids due to the astringent compounds that can be found in this particular herbal remedy.  It can also be applied for common ailments such as minor skin sores, bites, rashes, and scrapes.

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